M y s a; ‘to snuggle – a feeling of comfort and cosiness’

At the heart of the brand is the essence of Mysa: creating a time dedicated to cosiness, a sense of comfort and the enjoyment of being together.

Originating from Sweden, this word has myriad meanings that are not directly translatable into English but relate to the realm of relaxation, recharging and spending quality time together.

‘Mysa-ing’ is the idea of hanging out, establishing a sense of contentment and being in the moment. This word is all about the feeling we get from creating a sanctuary for ourselves – enhancing our experience and creating atmosphere in our homes.

Essentially it’s about authentic happiness, love, family and the feeling of togetherness and this is what is at the heart of Little White Candle. Evoking intimacy and togetherness through fragrance and firelight.

My fragrance, your Mysa…